Unusual drinks, sauces, mains and desserts

BOUVRAGE is best served chilled and without ice to enjoy the full natural flavour. Once you have discovered the exquisite flavour why not explore how else you can enjoy BOUVRAGE.

Ella Drinks have compiled these recipes to help you make delicious and unusual drinks, sauces and desserts.

The Bouvrage Cocktail

(Alcoholic) serves 6
Use a glass jug, pour in 250ml of BOUVRAGE Raspberry and add 2 measures of Gin and a measure of Kirsch and 2 glasses of dry White Wine, crushed ice and stir serve in a fluted glass to savour the aromas.

Bouvrage Spice

(Alcoholic) Use a long tumbler pour 1/5 pineapple juice, 1/5 apple juice, 1/5 passionfruit juice, 1/5 of BOUVRAGE Raspberry. Top off with Spiced Rum. If done carefully the colours will layer.

The Blairgowrie Bouvrage

(Alcoholic) Use a champagne flute pour 1/3 Glass of BOUVRAGE Raspberry. Fill with chilled Brut Champagne or Sparkling White Wine. Great for Weddings. Makes Bucks Fizz look a bit ordinary.

Bouvrage Fizz

(Non Alcoholic) Use a long tumbler, 1/4 Glass of BOUVRAGE Raspberry, 1/4 pineapple juice, 1/4 orange juice, 1/4 lemonade.

Bouvrage Fizz Out

(Non Alcoholic) Use a long tumbler pour 1/ 3 Glass of BOUVRAGE Raspberry. Fill with chilled non-alcoholic Sparkling White Wine.

Bouvrage Bianco

(Alcoholic) A good measure of Dry White Vermouth over crushed ice in a tumbler and fill with BOUVRAGE Raspberry to near the rim, add a slice of lemon. My favourite !

Black Bouvrage

(Alcoholic) A measure of Dark Rum over ice in a tumbler and fill with BOUVRAGE Raspberry to near the rim.

Bouvrage Colonial

(Alcoholic) A measure of Gin in a tall glass, add crushed ice and a little lime juice. Fill with BOUVRAGE Raspberry.

Bouvrage T.G.I Friday

(Alcoholic) A good measure of Vodka and Peach Schnapps in a tall glass, add crushed ice and fill with BOUVRAGE Raspberry or Blaeberry.

Bouvrage Beach Bum

(Alcoholic) A measure of Malibu in a tall glass add crushed ice and fill with BOUVRAGE Raspberry or Blaeberry.

Bouvrage Ice

By Mrs MacDonald, Edinburgh "I just make ice cubes out of the Raspberry BOUVRAGE and drop them straight in my cuts the work down a wee bit"... We don't think she has tried the Blaeberry yet.

Mulled Bouvrage

750ml bottle of BOUVRAGE Raspberry Pour into a large pan and add 2 tbsps of dark brown sugar. Heat gently, stir until dissolved. Add 10cm of cinnamon stick, broken into pieces + 1/2tsp of cloves + 3/4 slices each of fresh orange, lemon and ginger (thinly sliced). Cover and continue to heat gently until warmed through and steam rising. Leave to stew until flavour right. Then remove, discard spices and fruit. Ready to serve. Keep pan on lowest heat and cover between servings. Great at Christmas time!

Bouvrage Blue Smoothie

250ml of BOUVRAGE Blaeberry, 150ml Plain Yoghurt, half a banana. Blend all ingredients together and serve.

Bouvrage Red Smoothie

250ml of BOUVRAGE Raspberry, 150ml Plain Yoghurt, half a banana. Blend all ingredients together and serve.

Bouvrage Sauce

250ml of BOUVRAGE Raspberry 100ml Milk, 50g Unsalted Butter, 1/2 Tsp Ground Ginger, 2 Tbps Cornflour Melt butter in a pan and slowly add the cornflour until a paste. Take off the heat then slowly add milk and stir to make a thick cream. Then stir in the BOUVRAGE and ginger, return to a low heat stirring continually to make a thick creamy sauce. Ideal over ice cream, even venison steaks.

Bouvrage Fool

(serves 4) 250ml of BOUVRAGE Raspberry, 500ml Natural yoghurt, 2 Tbps Soured cream, 2 Tbps Brown sugar. Mix yoghurt, soured cream and sugar in a bowl, then gradually fold in BOUVRAGE. Leave to chill in fridge for 2 hours. Serve with Scottish Shortbread.

Bouvrage Breakfast Flip

(serves 2) 250 ml of BOUVRAGE Raspberry, 200ml Greek-style Yoghurt, Optional Fresh Raspberries, Brown sugar to taste. Blend ingredients and serve immediately in bowls add fresh raspberries and a little sugar to taste.

Bouvrage Fruit Salad

(serves 6) 500ml of BOUVRAGE Raspberry 100g Raspberries, 100g Strawberries, 200g Redcurrants, 100g Stoned Cherries, 3 sliced Apricots, 1 sliced Peach, 1 sliced Orange, 3 sliced Bananas. Place all fruit in suitable bowl and cover with BOUVRAGE, chill in fridge before serving with thick or whipped cream.

Bouvrage Marinade

By Pam Judson, Edinburgh (ideal for beef, lamb, pork, venison) 250 ml of BOUVRAGE Raspberry or Blaeberry 1 crushed Garlic, chopped Small Onion, 1 tsp coriander seeds, salt and pepper. Pour BOUVRAGE into a large bowl and add rest of ingredients. Add chucks of meat and leave to marinate for 2 hours.

Wild Boar With Bouvrage

By Lynn Bowser, Lerrocks Farm, Argaty. (for 4 people) 0.5 kg Wild Boar meat, (diced shoulder or similar) marinade: 250ml BOUVRAGE, 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 2 crushed garlic cloves, 1 tsp ground cumin, salt, ground black pepper. Combine the above ingredients and marinade the meat overnight. Drain the meat, reserving the liquid. Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in ovenproof casserole and sear the meat, adding vegetables to taste (onions and carrots are good with this) and a little flour. Add the reserved liquid gently, stirring well to avoid lumps. Bring to the boil, cover and transfer to a simmering heat oven for at least 1.5 hours - remember wild boar is matured very slowly and must be cooked very slowly. Adjust seasoning and enjoy.
Also good with pork, lamb or venison.

Bouvrage Brose

500ml of BOUVRAGE Raspberry 85g of Oatmeal, 2 tbsp liquid Honey, 1 tbsp Whisky, 125ml of Cream. Mix the Oatmeal to a thick paste with BOUVRAGE in a basin. Stand for 30 minutes, then strain, pressing well such that 125ml is obtained. To this liquid stir in the Honey, Whisky and Cream. Pour into a punch bowl and serve in wine glasses at room temperature. If it is to be served as a toast, enough for 6-8 persons.

Bouvrage Cranachan

(serves 4) 250ml of BOUVRAGE Raspberry, 100g Medium Oatmeal, 4 tbsp thick Heather Honey, 4 tbsp clear Honey, 100g Cream Cheese, 150ml Double Cream, Steep the oatmeal in 75ml BOUVRAGE Raspberry and honey overnight. Mix in remainder BOUVRAGE Raspberry and cream cheese. Beat cream till stiff and put into base of wine glass. Put oatmeal mixture on top and finish off with remaining cream. Make well in centre and pour in clear honey and serve.

Bouvrage Sorbet

(serves 4) 250ml of BOUVRAGE Raspberry, 1 egg white, 500ml clarified sugar syrup, lemon juice. Stir in BOUVRAGE Raspberry, syrup and stiffly whisked egg white, add lemon juice to offset sweetness. Freeze until the consistency of snow.

Bouvrage Zabaglione

(serves 4) 250ml of BOUVRAGE Raspberry, 4 egg yolks, 30gm castor sugar. Whisk up egg yolks in a bowl until frothy. Put bowl over hot water and add sugar whisking continually until thick. Gradually add BOUVRAGE still whisking until a thick creamy mixture. Pour into bowls and serve at once with Shortbread.

Bouvrage Lamb Sauce

By Big Steve, Braco, Perthshire
250ml of BOUVRAGE Raspberry, Cook a joint of lamb as normal, then when completely cooked, pour sufficient BOUVRAGE Raspberry over the joint to deglaze the pan and mix with meat juices to make a sauce.

Sirloin with cheese and herb salad and Bouvrage vinaigrette

Recipe by Wendy Barrie
Sirloin with cheese and herb salad and Bouvrage vinaigrette
Ingredients: serves 2
30mls (2tbsps) rapeseed oil
1 heaped tsp wholegrain mustard
2 x 150g sirloins
Freshly milled salt and pepper
1 onion, peeled and sliced
100g soft brie type cheese, cubed
Seasonal leaves and herbs for salad, summer berries optional
For dressing, 1dessertspoon rapeseed oil, 2dessertspoons Bouvrage, a dash of white wine vinegar and a generous twist of black pepper
Method: oPlace the oil and mustard in a bowl and add sirloins and onions. Mix together.
Pre heat dry frying pan then add oiled beef to seal.
Sear sirloin for 4minutes on one side then turn over. Add onions to pan and cook for another 4minutes to sear undersides and saut? onion. Season and rest in a warm place for at least 5minutes before serving.
To prepare salad, rinse and dry leaves and herbs. Cube the cheese and mix lightly together. Blend dressing ingredients together.
Serve steak with onion on 2 heated plates topped with salad and drizzle with dressing.
Serving suggestion saute potatoes.

Berry Creams

Recipe by Wendy Barrie
Ingredients: serves 2
150g seasonal berries : rasps, strawberries or brambles, fresh or defrosted but Scottish
100mls double cream, lightly whipped
1 tsp Honey
100ml Bouvrage
Shortbread to garnish

Divide the berries between 2 goblets and drizzle with Bouvrage.
Whip the cream and blend in honey and 50ml Bouvrage.
Top berries with a scoop of cream, and drizzle with a little more juice.
Serving suggestion - shortbread.