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Sharing our philosophy and expertise

Ella Drinks are Scotland's pre-eminent source of juice made from berries and other fruits.

Favoured with lower rainfall than much of the rest of Scotland due to the sheltering effect of mountains to the west, Angus has the most sunshine and some of the best fertile land in Scotland and this has encouraged the evolution of generations of dedicated and skilled farmers. So the weather, the growing heritage, the terroir combine to produce arguably the best tasting raspberries in the world. With other fruits and berries not far behind.

With decades of experience working with the best in the juice business Ella Drinks has invested in its own fruit juice plant. We are keen to fill the gap between the raw fruit and the format needed for a wide range of exciting new products.

Fruit, in particular berries are one of the most exciting product development areas due to their wonderful, widely popular flavours and because of their intrinsic health status.

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