We use locally grown Scottish fruit and our drinks are noticeably less sweet than other soft drinks. The juice is produced directly from the highest quality Scottish fruit. We do not use concentrates.

Bouvrage is made with 50% raspberry juice or 1 full pound (450g) of supreme quality Scottish Raspberries in every 750ml bottle. All fruit is checked for quality and freedom from contamination by pesticides and herbicides. New technology and careful attention to the way the fruit is treated is integral in creating the quality that Bouvrage offers.

+ Carbonated Water

Only slightly sparkling, to help lift the wonderful aromas and excite the palate.

+ Raw Cane Sugar (4%)

Just enough unrefined sugar to balance the natural acidity of the fruit.

+ Citric Acid, Natural Flavourings

No artificial sweeteners, flavours, colour and No preservatives.

The quality of the ingredients is paramount but so too is the quality and methods of processing used.

According to Glasgow University in tests Bouvrage has much higher levels of polyphenols per calorie than top selling fruit juices or drinks

+50% more than cloudy apple juice

+100% more than cranberry, pomegranate or Tropicana

+600% more than clear apple, grape or pineapple

The good news is that Bouvrage contains the juice of over one pound (450gm) of Scottish Raspberries in every 750ml, making it the perfect way to get your raspberry fix each day.

With only 29kcal in every 100ml, Bouvrage compares favourably with orange juice or apple juice which contain approx 43 kcal per 100ml (and cola which has 42kcal per 100ml)

Nutritional Value

Typical values per 100ml:

Energy : (123kJ) 29kcal
Protein : trace
Carbohydrate : 6.8g (of which sugars 6.5)
Fat : trace
Fibre : 0g
Sodium : trace

Full of the natural goodness of real fruit, especially flavonoids and phenolic acids


Angus Apples 100% Pure Apple juice 

that is what it is with a touch of Vitamin C to prevent oxidation